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Kanthallor Homestay, Rooms in Kanthalloor

Kanthalloor is in the Kerala district of Idukki finding Rooms in Kanthalloor is an important task before visiting there. This quiet hill station is 57 kilometres from Munnar, Kerala’s most popular hill station. Kanthalloor has all the components for a relaxing vacation: gorgeous hills, enthralling waterfalls, picturesque tea estates, and so on. Kanthalloor is located on the eastern side of the Western Ghats, between Munnar and Udamalpet, on the boundary between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is located approximately 5000 feet above sea level.

Kanthalloor benefits from cool climatic conditions due to its elevation. This is beneficial to the natural farming of numerous fruits such as apples, blackberries, oranges, plums, strawberries, passion fruit, and so on. Cauliflower, carrot, potato, garlic, cabbage, and beans are all abundant veggies. As a result, Kanthalloor is well-known for crops that are not commonly found in other parts of Kerala. Rooms in Kanthalloor

Step Farming in Kanthalloor

Step farming is another reason Kanthalloor is well-known. Terrace farming is another name for step farming. The hill slopes are cut into a succession of receding steps and are made ideal for cultivation in this style of farming. Terraced agriculture is typically performed on hilly or mountainous terrain.

Terraced fields reduce soil erosion as well as surface runoff. Soil erosion is the process of natural factors such as wind and water wearing away the topsoil of a field. Surface runoff is water that flows through the land as a result of an excess amount, such as rain. Rooms in Kanthalloor

Kanthalloor is free of commercial tourism. As a result, one can enjoy nature’s pristine beauty. Kanthalloor is conveniently located near a number of well-known tourist attractions. Among these are Marayoor, Kundala, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Keezhanthoor waterfalls, and Sri Rama’s cave shrine.


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